need help not a mopar but !! exhaust problem

hi guys ! im writing this down cause i have a little problem with my daily driver car and i cannot understand how can it be possible that no mecanic can help me its crazy !! they dont know the problem !!!

so i start ! : when i drive everything is ok but when i stop the car .. its standard so i put it in neutral and i push the brake pedal carefuly .. so it begins .. when im complitly stopped theres a verry verry bad odor coming from my side ... and the passenger side as nothing .. the odor i mean .. its like
carbon monoxide : :angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7::a ngry7:

but i dont know what it is .. its only when im stopped at a stop or a light not even when im parked .. only when i brake and maybe 4 or 5 seconds later its there and its an incredibly strong odor ..

the muffler as ben changed but only after the
catalysor , do you think its that ??? or the manifold . gasket ?? anyway its so hard that i cant drive with my window open a 35 degree outside !! btw it doesnt smell anything by inside
and the part that makes me trun crazy is that nobody know what it is !!!

anyway thx to read .. and help me if possible it would me verry appreciated !

the car is an pontiac grand am 1993 2 door , and 2.4 liter 4 cyl 5 speed

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