Need help! No torque 360.

I could use some help. My 360 is a dog. It has been since it was put back together about 14 years ago. I had to piece it back together after blowing the bottom end apart and not having the money to build it to go really fast. It is together with stock replacement internals except for the cam and carb. When it was completely original and never been apart, it had all kinds of torque. It had a stock converter and 3.55 gears.
I've had a couple of different cams in it. One was a purple shaft .450/.455 lift. I had it in for years. No torque. I changed the converter to a Fairbanks 3000 stall. It will go 2600 against the brakes. Didn't help torque at all. Then I installed 3.91 gears. Still it didn't help the power. Now I have a Comp Cams Extreme Energy 268 in it with a Holley 750 vacuum. This works a little better than the old cam with the Thermoquad, but still not like it was from the factory. I'm still running the stock intake and manifolds with flowmaster mufflers and stock size pipe and tailpipes. It has stock replacement speed pro pistons that are dished with Felpro Blue gaskets. Standard bore with bone stock heads.
Originally the 60ft time was about a 2.06, but the last time I ran it a couple of years ago all I could get was a 2.25. I only drive it on the street now to cruises, but get embarrased when it cant even do a burnout. It won't even squeak the tires taking off unless I use the line lock to help it out.

Please help me. What do I need to do.
Thanks, BarryC.
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