Natural Gas Debates

I'm not sure this should be in this area, but I'll give it a shot.

With all the hoopla about oil and telling the Saudi's and Venezuela to go pound salt (which I would LOVE to see happen..), Natural Gas is in the spotlight.

There are 2 types however, and the proponents of both say it's the best.

In Utah (so I read this morning), old natural gas burning cars are a REALLY hot item right now........and there are stations that dispense CNG (compressed natural gas) for what amounts to 87 Cents a gallon.........

I had a school bus years ago that was converted to run on propane. Very common conversion. All of our local propane trucks ran on the same....the stuff was CLEAN. It didn't look like a very complicated system either.

I'm wondering for our own sakes as enthusiasts who are interested in keeping up on these developments, just what would be involved in converting a Mopar engine to run on either CNG, or LNG (liquid natural gas).

It seems that since there are cars already running on it, and our history of using propane too, there MUST be available tech for us to tap into for the future.

Any of you guys have the knowledge to give us some good tech on this subject? :read2:
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