My Town Is Full of morons

I took my 66 barracuda out for the first time since winter hit last saturday. I didn't even make it a mile when some bimbo hit me from behind. WTF is wrong with the people in this town?? Do they send all the real stupid drivers here?? I was in a line at the tracks waiting for the train to go by and the DB smacks right into me. First, she made herself look real stupid by saying "Oh, did I hit you?" When I got out of the car and walked up to her window. Then she said "I didn't see you". How could you NOT see ten cars and a freak'n train right in front of you on a clear sunny day????:banghead:

Luckily, she was in a lumina that was at the right heighth where it hit my bumper square and didn't cause any damage. Last year, I was like the 2nd or 3rd car crossing a green light at an intersection when another moron in a red corvette decided to run the red light. He stood on his brakes and came within inches of crushing my girlfriend and car. He must have left most of his tread on the pavement trying to stop. It seems like every year my car is a target...except for the seven years it sat at my sister's house after a drunk plowed into it and it took me that long to come up with the money and parts to put it back together. Now I'm scared to take it out of the garage again.
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