My recent road trip – lack of Mopars For Sale

I recently took a trip around the state for work, fun and cars. Sadly, I came across 4 Mopars for sale and the only reason I found one of them is because it was a major focus of my trip. (I really, really hope this is the one). I traveled over 600 miles, from Northern Michigan to Detroit, back up to Saginaw, then to Lansing/Jackson and back to Northern Michigan. The 4 cars were a 73 Duster (the one I hope to make mine...)

A 70 something Duster, no longer for sale, no motor/trans or pic
A 69 B-Body Plymouth (not enough there to cofirm it was a Road Runner)
and this Valiant Scamp]
The Scamp is for sale near St. John's, guy wants $5500 and I have some pics. Interior looked really nice, but the asking price is way too high in my opinion (needs body work, rear quarter replaced from accident)

I also ran into a guy from Chrysler, testing an new Challenger with an OBD system. Man those cars sound nice (It was a 6.1 Hemi RT) and I think I saw Willie Nelson at a rest area but was so shocked it might be him I didn't bother him. He was playing in the area recently and looked like a "regular" guy.
And just for fun, here's a pic of Comerica Park
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