My latest Video Production

A little late but here it is. Here are 2 new videos from Mopars at Englishtown May 2009. Emilio and I finally got to race at the same event after me being on the shelf for almost 2 years. The new combo Swinger finally clicked off runs in the 10's with three 10.91's back to back to back. The first link is my production. Sorry for the shaky camera. I'm back in the drivers seat so everyone's cousin Brian has taken over filming duties. Hopefully he can get rid of the mild Parkinson's shake before 1320x comes to Lebanon Valley in August. The second link is the raw and uncut footage from the weekend. They are large files so give them some time to load by hitting pause when they first start so they can get a buffer head start. Comments are welcomed.

DrJay Produced Video

Raw and uncut footage

Bonus footage from Paul Mauro. Some of you may remember Paul from Pinks All Out. He has the Orange notch Barracuda that got beat by the TransAm. He took some video and sent me his link. Thanks Paul "Cudafied" Mauro.
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