My kid wants an old truck…..

Like I don't have enough chit to do ;)

He (well we) are in the market for a 50's style pick up. He gets his drivers permit soon, but really can't start driving on his own for a year. He wants a 50's style....... you know , where do these dang kids come from? The one I would swear wanted a truck to drive, turns out to want a Tokyo drift car, The one I swear would have been into hotrods isn't even interested in driving and the youngest??? I have no idea why he wants a 50"s truck... whatever...

Anyway, I am steering him towards a Dodge or even maybe a Studebaker. It's going to have to be something that I can street rod up a little with at least disc brakes, a/c and a three point seat belt.

He is a big kid, I think the pilot house Dodge's (1954) will be a little small on the cabin room. Probably have to go with a 57-59...

Has anyone ever owned a Studebaker Truck? I wonder if they have more cabin room?
Author: Trannyman