my guidance has failed

well my nephew decided that he would like to get a older car for a project this week so naturally my eyes glazed over and started visuallizing a dart,duster or even a b-body to keep my dart company in the cozy driveway i quickly told him about a 72 duster that was complete sitting in a local wrecking yard around here but he wasnt to keen on the sitting in the wrecking yard bit and informed me about a pale yellow car sitting on a car lot on the other side of town he wasnt too sure on what it was but he said it had 2 scoops on the hood and black side stripes so i was really interested almost left the house without my shoes to see it, driving too it im imagining a duster 340,twister or better yet a demon 340 pulling into the lot im looking for this a-body thinking to myself where is this mopar at the lot there was a total of only 5 or 6 cars on the lot then it dawned on me it wasnt a mopar that my nephew was interested in but a 71 maverick grabber ,......well atleast its going to be a older car that gets saved he's picking it up tomorrow note to self maybe i should have gave him that ride that his mother [my sister] warned me not to give him in the dart :snakeman: either way im sure this will be a learning experiance for us both
atleast it isnt rice
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