my first project

this is my first car, i plan on fixing it up with some people i know. i got a 65 barracuda, the guy before me did most of the hard work, but there are still some things to do, it has a 73 cuda 318(i think) engine.

i have 2 questions. one, the speedometer is real bouncey, the other owner said somthing about moistue, but i dont remember and i didnt write it down. what would be the best way of fixing that.

also, it has 4 power drum brakes, apparently after last winter, the brakes are real tough to push. the fluid in the master cylinder are all full, and the vaccum doesnt seem to have any evidence of holes or leaks. what would be the best way of goin about that?

heres a pic, twards teh end of my project, im probobly guna get it painted its original color (gold) but leave the black stripes down the side.

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