My first non-Mopar

Well, here I am a few years shy of 50 and I finally bought my first non-Mopar and it is the best $500 I ever spent. Not only is it my first non-Mopar but it is my first car with power windows/locks etc. A friend at work was moving back home (to the Czech republic) on short notice so he sold me this for $500:

It's a 1990 BMW 735i. The amazing thing about this car is that in spite of having 190,000 miles on it, it still runs, drives, and rides like it rolled off the assembly line yesterday, does not have even one rattle, squeak, or water/air leak, everything works, and I mean EVERYTHING, and it gets 22MPG on the highway. Quiet as a Church, comfortable as a living room. I guess it better be. The thing was $60,000 in 1990. One heck of a daily driver thank you very much.
Author: admin