My desk top.

This has been a great venture for this back woods man.:happy10:
As you can see my filling system stays in sight so it stays in mind:-D
This map lets me see how many friends I have gathered here and where there state are. If I took this picture on the 12th of this month
you would have seen a ash tray that looked like a pair of dolphins holding my old habbit.
The folded paper on your left is my file of help that is completed :cheers:
And the free Razorbacks gum to keep me busy and being able to chill when a
thought of firing one up, Treva said I look sexy chewing gum.:toothy10:
I am picking myself up dusting myself off and getting my chee back.

So what douse your desk top you look at every time you chime in and share you life with us here at this place I call home?:clock:
I have learned that there are allot of people are at work here not long ago.
It just never accrued to me that the world is so big and there are computers every where. I think I learned this in one of my Darling Babe threads :toothy10:

My father Ken Slater USAF.

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