my 68 dart project part 3 some assembly required

Well gang, I actually got a 4 day weekend to get some things done on the dart. I have only made small progress untill this weekend. Thanks to a few awsome members here in FABO, I have been able to get some of the items I need for really great deals. Last week my hump and steering colunm came in, I also received my Eagle I beam rods that I stole off ebay for 150.00! The P-S-T suspension kit also came in Friday (perfect timing!). A close freind helped me clean all the front parts and sandblast what was needed, and paint. I blasted the hump and cut it down to size, fitted, cut the floor, welded it in and sealed it. I took the steering colunm apart, cleaned and painted it. Finished cleaning and sanding the engine bay, then painted it. I replaced all the front suspension rubber stuff, i.e. the idler arm, upper control arm bushings, lower control arm bushings, upper and lower ball joints, inner and outter tie rod ends and sleeves, strut rod bushings, upper and lower rubber bump stops, and the essentric bolts for the upper control arms. I still need to get the pitman arm. The P-S-T kit was 400.00, where if I bought everything at local parts store it would have been over 600.00. Keep this in mind when building your suspension! I hope that I can post all my pics but due to the lack of some microsoft program my computer doesnt have I cant resize my pics yet.

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