My 68 Dart GT Restoration

I'm starting the restoration on my grandfathers 1968 Dart GT this weekend. Last weekend I drove the car to my wife's cousin's house to get ready to pull the Slant 6 out of it. After the /6 and transmission are gone it will come back to my garage to finish the tear down. My plans for the Dart are: 400hp 360 and 727 trans, Base/clear Factory 68 Red, White Vinyl top, white interior, shaved side molding and emblems, new emblems (stick on from Nissan pAThfinDeR), new GT possibly of Mustang, LBP front disc, high geared 8 3/4 for cruising and highway, slot wheels or dog dish, and as low as I can get it without having to buy headers every year Dual exhaust tucked in behind the bumper with turn downs. I hope to update this as often as possible and want to thank everyone for the knowledge I find on this awesome site.

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