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Just a few things I`ll probably never need, until I get rid of them#-o:mrgreen: Best offer + ship. Below are, 69 cuda taillights,hole fillers,or restorable. dual point dist, was in my 340, I never used. Yokes, bumper off 67, Single 340 pulley,and mounts. Hardly used late 90`s dually wheel covers,misc. parts. also have 71or72 340 single snorkel breather, same year, spread bore cast manifold. 67 cuda grill sections and surrounds. 69 bucket seats, rough, will trade for 67 buckets. 69`s have headrests. 727+904 trannys, both need built, 727 has alum finned pan w, drain, cheeta rev. manual valve body, streetfighter converter. Also little used B+M ratchet shifter w cables. Running when pulled 78 318 2bbl engine, complete. stock 2 row v8 radiator rodded out. 2pcs back glass trim off duster/dart? will trade compr. items for/ I need full tint windshield for 67 cuda, R side fixed mirror.

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