Mopar Trivia

Time to rack your brains on the beautiful Sunday morning. See how much you know about your mopars.

1. What was the first year, and on what car, that Ma Mopar used a single alphabetic letter to designate a certain body platform?

2. On which car and in what year did a Chrysler product first feature dual 4-barrel carb?

3. What Sixties era Chrysler product used the same bumper on both frnot and rear?

4. The 1962-64 Max Wedge engines weren't built at the regular big-block engine assembly plant. Who built these engines?

5. What were the four color choices for the stripe on a 1971 Chanllenger rt?

6. Chrysler pioneered Halogen lighting way back in the 196's. What year was it used and on what car?

7. What was the first Mopar musclecar to feature as in-dash tachometer?

8. Aside from the altered wheelbase 1965 Dodge Coronets and Plymouth Belveders built drag racing, what other non-racing altered wheelbase can did Ma Mopar build in 1965?

9. What was the first year a 413 ci engine was available in a Chrysler product, and what was the application?

10. If the A54 colored bumper group was ordered on a 1971 charger rt, what other two popular options were not available?

11. What major internal change was made to the 426 Hemi engine for 1970?

12. On what 1970 perfromance mopar does the same word appear three times, spelled two different ways?

13. On a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury, what was different about the automatic transmission from any other 1964 Plymouth?

14. In 1968, Road Runner coupes outsold hardtops 29,240 to 15,359. Which outsold which on the 1968 Dodge Super Bee?

15. What was the first year Chrysler built and offered a "K" car?

16. In 1969, what was the Motor Trend magazine car of the year?

17. In 1969, all Chrysler Corp. passenger vehciles were in direct violation of federal law. What was their sin?
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