Mopar SB Intake Manifold, How to use?

Dear Friends,

My name is Diego Jones. I live in Brazil and have a 1977' Brazilian Dodge Charger. A-Body with a 318 stroker 360 engine.

I have some questions to which Intake Manifold to use in my engine.

Engine Configuration:

KB Hypereutetic Pistons
OEM Connecting rods with ARP Screews
Mopar Performance Purple Camshaft 296/296 Mechanical
Cylinder heads is a mopar 915 J heads 2.02, 1.60 with 58cc chambem combustion
Proform Roller Rocker Arms 1.5 ratio
Compression ratio 11,1:1
Intake Manifold ????????
Carburator is Mighty Demon 750
Oil Pump is a Meiling High-Volume
Holley Blue Fuel Pump
Mallory Unilite Distributor
Mopar Performance 6AL Ignition

I accept suggestions of any use ...

If you have any matters of magazine that has some comparing manifolds can send me too.

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