Mopar Only Shows

I posted this on the B Body site and figured I would post it here also because it just rubs me the wrong way.

Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed when you go to a supposed Mopar meet/show and there is a non-mopar section. I am not talking about AMC that's a gray area for another conversation. I don't want to see Fords GMs or imports at a mopar event. I would not take my Satellite or Challenger and show up at a Ford or Chevy meet, they dont want to see it there I'm sure. I went to a "mopar show" last week and got to see a Mustang an Impala, chevy pick ups a vega a porshe a Skylark and many other cars that I didn't want to see on this day including a 2011 Camaro (in case I didn't pass a Chevy dealer on the way I guess). When people in these cars show up why can't they politely be turned away just as you are when you show up in your 74 RR to a show that has a 1972 cut off?
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