mopar nationals

anyone going to the mopar nationals in columbus this year? ive never been before but im am going this year. i am going with a buddy of mine and we are taking our boys - kinda of a guys weekend away! checked the web site for it but it really didnt say much about what exactly goes on. can any of you give me a little info. we are going to take a bunch of our old parts that we got laying around and sell it off. the guy im going with reserved 3 or 4 swap meet spots for us - time to clean out!! stuff will be going cheap at our spot. as far as a-body stuff goes i will have 4-speed duster stuff there clutch peddals etc. everything but the tranny i think that i will even pull the dog house outa the car and let go with it. dont know how much other a-body stuff we will have though maybe a couple of hoods and some fenders. lot of motor patrs 340 cranks etc. i am going to try to come up with a way that any of you guys that are will recognize our vending spot. would really like to meet some of you besides just chatting here every once and a while!! thanks for any info regarding the nats!
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