Mopar Muscle magazine

Over the christmas break, on another site, I was told about a magazine deal. $8 a year. I got Muscle car review, GM high tech( yeah, yeah), and Mopar Muscle. I've only seen a few odd issues of Mopar Muscle over the years, and figured that for $8 it was worth a shot. Now I feel like I've been ripped off. Seen 2 issues and got nothing out of them. the latest one has a 63 plymouth as a one of the cover cars. If you look at the article, you notice its a nice car, but it has a 6 pack scoop attached to the hood with sheet metal screws. ????? Are they that hard up for feature vehicles? I've contemplated canceling my sub and getting the remainder of my money back, or just keeping to recieve the mag. What's anybody else's opinion about MM?
Author: admin