Mopar Engines and Transmissions

I have been collecting these engines for about 6-7 years and have come to the realization that I do not need them. I know the history of each, but have not heard all of them run. They are sold as is.

I realize that most on this board are a good distance away so it won't help much, but I thought I should try. It really isn't practical to ship this stuff unfortunately.

1977 318 and 727. Out of a 4wd truck. Transmission is bad. $125

1979 318. Out of a 1979 Plymouth Volare. Factory 4-barrel engine, ran good and I did drive the car. $175

225 /6 automatic transmissions. Came out of cars that were parked for other reasons-engine problems. $75 for both

727 Small block transmission. Car model with slip yoke. Out of a 77 Aspen R/T. Car was parked for other issues judging by what I know. $175

1972-3 360 and 727. This is out of a 4wd truck with a divorced I was told be several people that it ran and shifted fine. I personally never drove the truck. $300 for the pair.

BB 383-440 automatic. Out of a 4wd truck with a 203. $100

All prices are fairly firm. Local delivery available.

Parts are located in Southern Oregon near Chiloquin.
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