misc items for sale,dart,SB, 83/4 Radiator and other

I live in ALTON IL, near St Louis MO..

i have a few SB items and Dart parts for sale.. Prices are w/o shipping and handeling which will be sent the cheapest form.

great shape STD 360 72 crank has been checked at machine shop..

$50 plus S and H

7 360 .030 KB 190 pistons on stock reconditioned, resized with ARP bolts

the 8th piston got damaged due to HYD lock. 200 plus s and h. make offer..

68 dart 10in front drums and plates w/brake parts all used. $35 OBO

8.3/4 B body rear complete 741 cection and 2.94 gears. make offer

741 center w/gears 2.?? gears make offer..

Proform rocker w/shafts NEEDS adjusters, make offer plus s and h

68 dart alt and VR works good 10 bucks each..

march pulleys for SB unmatched set make offer

360 balancer NEW 60

78 salnt 6 LU 904 w/o convertor with 24Kmiles when wrecked and pulled 75

SB 298/508 lift camshaft NEW, it was installed but never turned over. 50

68 318 2 brrl BBD carb needs rebuilt 10

68 coil $10

NEW 360 engine mounts (both sides) for aspen. 25 each

Melling 2.02 SB valves new, i have 8. V1101 $10 each

FBO SB dist coil and BOX, the dist is curved w/o a vac advance the coil leaks. less then 10 miles on them.. $75

Chevy SS hub caps, send a pics of what you need, I have sets and singles, I beleive most of them are 14 in.
and make offer..

i also have a radiator #1599254 (E5)
CD Dodge desoto chrysler division decent shape.. Make offer

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