Minitubs almost finished

I went out to the farm to see how my buddy was doin on the dart and he is almost finished with my minitubs! I don't have a plasma cutter, welder, or the skills necessary to do it myself, so I'm having my neighbor do it. He has a few loose ends to finish up, but should be done by next weekend and I can get the car back home in my garage. Here are some picts.

He smeared some sort of rubberized sealer over all the welds and it was still wet when I took the pictures. I plan on shooting the whole trunk with ZeroRust when I get it home, and the tubs should look fairly stock.

Overall I'm pretty stoked about the job he did and can't wait to get back on the project. I have some 11" brakes and new Yukon axles to install, then I can take measurements and order my new wheels and tires!!!
Author: admin