memories of the past

After reading the thread "Am I biased toward A -people?" that MtNemoMopar
started, I Thought it would be neat to show some pictures of the older days here that we have had, You know the pictures of what was going on in our daily life back a couple years ago for some of our newbe's that has joined in
on this great site.

Here is the first picture I think I have ever submitted here to show my 63 valiant 200 and I sold her to help start my new home for my wife and I to
retire in. and the winter we lived in the tailor having a good time at it.
The Honda Del Sol got me around cheaply for about a year and a half and sold her to keep paying cash on the house getting dun.

I sure am glad those days are behind me.
And yes I got every thing dun with out going to the bank :cheers:
No more house payments for my wife and I.

FABO seen me through allot of good and bad days.
The 63 valiant was used for a good down payment on the 1.89 ackers
And I had allot of good friends and family help me get the little cottage
up and running

The first great times on FABO.:love7:

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Author: memike