May have just sold my Dart…

...really! Well I had moved my swinger 340 over to another shop due to last guy f'ing me over for the past 3 years working on it or actually lack of working on it should I say. Well now the boss of this shop took a liking to my car; a 69 swinger 340 4spd disc brake car and has been hounding me to sell.

To tell the truth I have been rather burnt out on the car, don't get me wrong I really like it or what it will be but after these years and now finding out from this shop how the past shop did some its body work (they pointed out some really nasty work I hadn't noticed.) it really disappointed me. So, long story short the boss asked what I had to have out of it and I threw out a number that would more than cover my expenses and which I thought was a fair price as it sat. Well he asked what all I had and didn't have and looked at the parts I have restored myself and said SOLD. I should have the cash by end of this weekend. If all goes through I'll have a new set of small bolt pattern cragars with brand new radial t/a's for sale...didn't mention these in the deal. I still have my plymouth wagon too so not all is gone I guess.
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