Main cap studs / Oil pan pick up

I have a Magnum based 408 CI stroker that I will be putting into my Dart. The engine is a fresh rebuild and has not been run since being assembled as a stroker. I currently has the stock bolts in the main caps. I need to replace the bolts with studs so I can mount the oil pump pickup support bracket. I have heard that since the motor was line bored with the bolts, I cannot replace them with studs unless I get the block line bored again. Is this true? I have also heard that, as an alternative to putting in studs, I can weld a bolt to the top of the main bearing bolt in the #3 position to hold the pickup support. Will welding weaken the main cap bolt? Is it acceptable to do this?

Also, will the main stud kit for the LA work on the MAgnum?


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