Magnum 500’s

Hi all,
Have just got a 68 Newport convertible that I am in the process of bringing back to life.
I want to put a new set of wheels on it, either large 5 spokes or a set of Magnum 500's like the 68 and so 300's had. However I can't find a set of Mopar ones.
Knowing that Chrysler and Ford share the same bolt patterns will a set of Magnum 500's for a M*stang fit and where can I get the Chrysler centre cap?
Any help greatfully received!
By the way does anyone know hte car. Was bought in or near Norwood Mass about 6 months or so ago and shipped to Kerry Ireland, maybe via someone else. Is a 383 car, was a dark red car with black interior and is stunningly original and intact underneath it all.
regards, Nick

Author: nick.stratta