Made #1 qualifier Saturday in a 7.00 index race.

Ran at Brown County Dragway (Indiana) this weekend for a 7.00 index race. This was the first race I had been to in a long time where I really NEEDED to DRIVE the car down the track. The track surface was bumpy, traction was sketchy, the shut down area was SHORT, and the lanes were REALLY skinny....all in all, a LOT of fun!! The car was moving around the lane so much that I never looked at my tach, had to shift by sound....heck, I almost had both hands on the wheel!

Anyway, I added weight to my car and made #1 qualifier with a 7.01...and a lost in the semi final when my carb took a crap on me (needle and seat problem).

Oh, well, it was a good time at a "different" track, just thought I would share. :D
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