lots and lots of A body and other mopars parts

okay, so on a visit to my girlfriends house i found a junkyard..there is an amazing selection of classic cars, its sad but there is everything from 40 something buick super eights with the drivetrain and all, dodge wing cars, i found a hemi head in the dirt, a 66 red dodge coronet 500 in really good shape, a 70 2 door scamp green, at least 8 other 73-75 dodge darts mostly 2 doors, lots and lots of good parts i couldnt hold enough parts in my arms. i saw a 60? dodge dart 4 door in decent shape with police car wheels, kinda want those, the dashpads on these cars are in very decent shape, so are the seats, good sheetmetal, these arent completely rotted out, i would say forget the lower rear quarters. i would honestly rather not be cutting sheetmetal because i dont really have the toolds without buying them but let me know if you really really need something.. i found 2 dusters. a 65 bubbleback barracuda with a poly 318 and pushbutton auto complete. lots of furys 2 doors 383 and 440s. old cadlillac hearses, a dodge coronet magnum that looked like it was ready to drive. lots of small blocks, not too many 340 but 360s 318s and slant 6s. anyone that would like to make a list for me with parts, even be specific as to color i may be able to find it, just leave your phone number so i can call you while im there if i find something better in a different color or whatever else. i dont think these prices are an absolute steal but i do find the prices verses new and the rare parts makes it very worth it. let me know. -travis
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