Looking for parts made of “unobtainium”

Hey guys,

I've got two parts for my 1968 Barracuda on which I can't locate any info.

1. The car has an ignition switch light that is supposed to come on for a set time after the door is opened. The wiring diagram says that i should have a time "time delay relay". I can find the plug it should attach to, but have no relay. The local Chrysler dealer tried to come up with a part number from his obsolete books, but found nothing. If I'm forced, I can build a system that will do the job, but if anybody has one, or even knows what part number it is I would prefer to go original.

2. The chrome "spears" that go forward from the fake vents at the rear wheels. These aren't original to my car (maybe they were used on SS cars?), but the "Lady Involved" likes the looks of them so they are going on. I have found the grills, but am having no luck finding the chrome strips. Does anyone have an idea where I might find them, or what might be used instead?

3. Finally, I'm arguing with myself over painting the metal parts of the dash. If I decide to, is there a particular color I should use, or is "rattle can" flat black as close as anything?

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