Looking for options

1970 Dart racecar 440/727:
I currently have a rear 8 3/4 that was setup with 4.10 gears, spool, moser 35 spline axles and the 4.5 bolt pattern. I am planning to make this car streetable, so I know the spool needs to be taken out. I am trying to way my options on how to do the swap.

On the one hand I have a spare 741 chunk with a 3.23 suregrip setup. If I swapped over to this, I would have to purchase new axles since it is 30 spline. I know this is the weakest chunk, but I figured it would work as a temp fix.

On the other hand, I have to find a way to make the 35 spline axles work with a different chunk setup.

Either way, I am doing this on a limited budget, so the cheapest would be the best. Can you give me suggestions on what you think might work?
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