Looking for 81/4 rear end

Hi guys,

New to forum, but glad to find a place for A body true believers, any way I am just finishing up my 1972 Duster cruise night car and it has turned out better than expected, have 5X4.5 ralleys on it, had machine shop convert front to large pattern but currently driving it with transdapt adaptors on rear, so would like to buy a 81/4 rear end with large pattern.Need complete drum to drum w/ hardware. Have found one and struck a deal for it, was supposed to have it out of car in two weeks for me...going on six weeks ago, so the search goes on. Am located in Northern Calif, willing to drive 400-500 miles for right rear end. Let me know if you can help. Call Joe (530)403-8893 or email me Palermochurchofgod@comcast.net Thanks
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