Locker or sure grip for 8.75? What are you running in your hot street/strip car?

I posted this under different topic but no replies so trying different title and more specifics...

I need new third member... Car is 450ish HP automatic in 68 cuda... foot braking it. Plan is to occasioanly drive it street and to track for summer drags. Broke the rear Monday at around 4500rpm on hard first gear pull (on street and I think tires were still spinning a bit when it broke). I know I am going to have to tear the trans down (again) but not sure what to do with the rear end.

I don't know the exact HP or torque on this car yet but I thought I would be safe with a good 8.75. Maybe not? Am I nearing Dana 60 territory? Either way should I be considering a locker since I street drive some or would a good sure grip still be the choice? Not sure I could live with a spool but have no experience with them. Would rather only built this once so would prefer quality over initial cost.

I appreciate any info on what others are running and experiences/suggestions from the real world.
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