Lets talk exhaust 340 6 pack Dart project w/HP manifolds? Need some pipes?

Ok, I need to do the exhaust on the 340-6 pack 67 Post Dart project. I dont want to spend a ton of cash and dont mind learning and doing it myself. I have never done exhaust but would like to learn.
So since its a 340, I am guessing 2 1/2 is still very ok, its only a 400 HP motor.

Who supplies a decent set of pipes and what should I try and do and or not do? I have looked at a few online but dont know what good or bad to be honest. I did do my 70 cuda vert exhaust, but it was mandrel bent TTI, slip together stuff and very easy and very pricey.

Are there other options out there. I have a lift, so getting under the car is no issue and also have a welder.

I am also going to do the exhaust on the 38 Plymouth eventually, so living and learning is fine.

I have even looked at the JC whitney catalog, is that junk? They provide all kinds of pieces, what all do I need and what use is a crossover. I have no such animal on the cuda.?

any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Links or things you have done on your A bodies or all cars I guess.

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