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Just finished reading the entire thread on skips dart in the resto forum. WOW! Anyway, got me to thinking.After seeing one of the before pictures, I see it was originally burgandy/dark red. Got me to thinking. My Dad's 69 340/4spd Swinger ended up in the Tri-Cities area in the mid-late 70s. He sold it 71 to Larry Dale here in Stratford, who then sold it to someone in Cambridge a few years later. At some point it ended up in Baden. At this point, it still sbp Cragar SS on it, which were stolen off it while it was in Baden. So, anybody down in that area, remember the car, or what became of it? As for the colour, dad has always desscribed it as "orangey red". I talked with Larry about it a couple years back, and above is the info I got from him. He's still got a pic of it, but didn't wanna give it up. Both him and Dad remember that car very fondly.If you've got any info, post away. Not necessarily looking to get it back at this time, I'd just like to know whatever happened to it.
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