Killed a hog today…..

.....and boned it out in preperation for the up and coming deer season. Some wonder what a hog has to do with deer season. Well, let me explain. When making summer sausage we use a 20%/80% mix in the summer sausage. That's 20% pork and 80% deer and a mixture of spices. Seein how it will all be ground up into burger i bought a 560 LB old sow and killed her and hauled it to the house and my brother and i along with my son and nephew dressed it and boned it out. Tomorrow we'll grind it up and put it away till deer season which is Nov 14. We plan on killing at least 10 deer and making the usual jerky and summer sausage. The sow weighed 560 lb and we got 170 lbs of meat. Now this is very lean meat. Jimmy Dean puts a lot more reject stuff in their sausage than we do but still we have only $1.10 per lb in the sausage and jerky. That's with spices and bags. I think we can average 25 lbs of burger per deer so that will give us at least 300 lbs of good sausage and jerky. We called Wally World and they get $2.99 per lb for sausage. I'll set back 50 lbs of pork for the summer sausage and the rest we'll do into breakfast sausage. This will make some killer summer sausage that i'm sure there are those on here can vouch for. Do you guys or gals process your own meat? The price of the hog was $160. Better save that money when you it's fun.
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