Kevko Oil Pickup Tab on main cap

I bought the Kevko M301 6 quart pan and pickup. Block is at the shop now getting ARP studs and align honed. Should the oil pick up tab go under the main cap nut or should I have a longer stud put in that location and double nut it?

I bought the ARP main stud kit for the stock windage tray (which I won't be using now) so the shop currently has the longer studs installed on #2 and #4 main caps. I am just wondering if I should have the longer studs moved to #3 or not? Its not the best idea to move the studs after line honing so I'd like to get this figured out before he does the final honing. I do prefer to leave the studs on #2 and #4 so I would have the option to run a stock pan and windage tray at a later time if desired.
Author: admin