Just Got Layed Off

Yep, got my walking papers and my last check. I've only been on unemployment once in my life.

They wouldn't even let me get my stuff, they're going to pack it and send it to me. I understand though, as a systems engineer, I could do a lot of damage in 30 seconds. Not that I would have. :angry7: My cell phone number is no longer valid so if anyone had my number it has changed. PM me if you need it.

I forsee my credit taking a huge whack until I can find employment. If anyone knows any telecom companies needing help here in Colorado, please let me know. Time to update the resume and start applying like crazy..

Edit: I may start drinking early today so if my post make no sense, please forgive me. This is my time of mourning. :-D Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid.
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