Just for fun, What do you think it will make

I'm gradually coming up with a stroker small block build and was wondering if anyone wanted to take a stab at what kind of hp/tq I might expect. I was going to go with B1-BA heads but the top end indy kit is hard to pass up $ wise as long as you go through a dealer!

The combo will most likely be as follows:

360 block .030 over with a Scatt stroker kit (4" 4340 crank, forged flat tops, I or H beam rods Hoping for 12.1+ compression)
Indy top end kit. 360-1 heads {63cc},1.6 ratio rockers,3R manifold, bowel porting (for now) of course a gasket match will be done.
Carb will either be a modded holley or TQ (we will be using E-85) 850+ cfm
The cam specs are as follows:

Comp Cams CRS 7262/7263 S 110.0 Valve adjustment: intake= .026 exhaust= .026 Gross lift .577 intake .585 exhaust Duration @ .050 tappet lift intake= 262 exhaust= 266 Valve timing @ .050 intake open 25 BTDC close 57 ABDC Exhaust open 67 BBDC close 19 ATDC These specs are for cam installed @ 106 center line. Duration @ .050 intake 262 exhaust 266 Lobe lift intake .3850 exhaust .3900 lobe separation 110.0.

Headers I'm hoping to get 1 7/8 to fit will most likely be a custom job as its going in an early A body

What do you guys think this combo is capable of?
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