I have a set of J-heads for sale. They are 1.88's not the 2.02's. They were on a rebuilt engine that got a little moisture in the block. Heads are still good. I would like $375 obo + shipping for the set or trade for Duster parts.

Here is a short list of what I am looking for.
Go-Wing (good condition new or used)
Carpet kit (new)
26" 3 core radiator (good working condition)
tuff wheel (New)
Chin Spoiler (MAS? new)
green bearings and all seals and gaskets for a 65 b-body 8 3/4 (new)
leaf spring perches (new)
OEM style rear shackles (new)
MSD 6A ignition system (new)
Mopar Performance Orange box (new)
MSD 8 or 8.5 MM spark plug wires (new)

I know what these parts all go for new and will be willing to work with you on that. Even if you want to buy the parts and have them shipped direct to me. That would be fine. Thanks FABO

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