Is this bad? (440 Six Pack)

I just purchased a 1971 Dodge Challenger completely stripped and ready for a restore. The engine (440) and the transmission had both been pulled. The guy who I bought it from told me that he took apart the engine and said the previous owner had completely rebuilt the engine and had never started it.

So yesterday I pulled the distributor and looked down the opening. That was when I found this big whole on the timing chain side of the engine block. The whole is extremely rough and has dimensions of about 3.5'' in length and about 1'' in width. The whole cant be seen from the outside due to the timing chain cover.

I have no idea what this is or if it is normal. Maybe it is a rough casting or maybe the timing chain broke and put a whole in the block?

It does not make any sense to me why someone would completely rebuild an engine that is not usable, so now I am here left scratching my head.

Can anyone help me out?
Author: admin