Is my engine performing as it should??

Hey, just getting some opinions if everything is going smoothly...
Here are the specs
73 plymouth duster
360ci, bored .30, decked, honed
K&N HiFlow filter
Holley Street Avenger 670cfm w/ vacuum secondaries
Edelbrock RPM Airgap (port matched)
Fully ported J heads, stinken heavy dual springs -(maybe lost cam?)*
CompCam 218dur@.05 .454lift@.05 (original cam timing)
Speed Pro hypernuetic pistons, 9.3:1 overall CR
Hedman Full length headers
X-pipe setup with flowmaster 40's
Taylor Spiro-pro plug wires, 8MM
Mallory 6A MSD
Summit Racing coil (up to 65,000 i think)
Autolite platinume spark plug gapped at .060 (Good or bad?)
3350 with me in it
727, stock converter
3.23 posi in a 8 3/4
Street tires, P245/60R15

The engine pulls good till 5550rpm and then it lets off a little.
When shifting at 5500rpm the time slip reads...
R/T - .358 (I know, kinda crap)
60ft - 2.33
330ft - 6.14
1/8 - 9.24@79.6mph
1000ft - 11.93
1/4 - 14.22@98mph

With my engine setup, I was expecting somewhere around 380-410hp as a medium. But with the car only running at 98mph, some people don't think it has anywhere NEAR that amount. Can the trap speed really help guess the HP? Because I tend to believe its bogus. And is the car running like it should at the moment? Or does something not add up? Or do you think I might be doing anything wrong? I will be putting the car on a dyno in a little less than a week, but I just want to get your opinions.

* I said I might of lost the cam because before the car was started, my brilliant dad had me crank the engine without spark to set the timing, which I thought was a big No No with the new cam. Because it lasted a total of like 30 seconds. And I'm hoping the car will drop into the 13's after I put in a new torque converter and slicks.

Thanks for any help, I'd appreciate it.
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