Is it me?

I replied to a posting on Moparts re: someone looking for A-body door latch assemblies. I reply and say I have a set in a '68 4-dr Dart if that will work. He thinks they should so I take them out of the car (which is not that easy to do with big hands & forearms).

While I am taking them out, he sends me a pic and then I send him three pics so he can see them. He replies back, "Sorry! Too much surface rust for what I'm looking for. Thanks anyway."

Is it me or am I missing all the "surface rust" he sees? Of course, there is a little (on the face where the assembly mounts to the door) that should clean up easily and there is one screw head that has some rust on it.

I am just trying to figure out if what I deem a good solid used part is or is not. The first three pics (below) are of my assembly and the last one is his.

Rant mode off.

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