intake gasket.

ok so i bought a set of stealth heads so im swapping those on and switching intakes as well.
im making my jegs order and cant find which vally pan gasket to use,
The heads have the heat crossover blocked and one vally pan gaskets says it has it blocked off but it says its for
"Chrysler 361, 383, 400 V8 Engines"
another is for "Chrysler 413, 426, 400 V8 Engines"
and the last one dosnt say blocked heat crossover and is for Chrysler 1958 361, 1959-60 383, 1959-65 413, 1964-65 426, 1966-78 440 V8 Engines
They all look the same but some have gaskets with the valley pan.
Any help?
Author: admin