Input and opinions needed, 70 Challenger, value, repair, etc LONG READ

Hey guys (and gals)

I have a 70 Challenger, that I bought right out of highschool. I bought the best car I could afford, back when I had money.

With the economy the way it is, and my job being non-essential (I sell aftermarket accessories, from bugshields, to superchargers, etc) I am a bit concerned. I don't think the job is in jeopardy, but I want to poise family finanaces, to be able to sustain on a lesser income position, should the need arise. If I finished the resto, and was able to clear the debt from the house, I could easily afford to take a position for less money, if needed. If I clear enough, I could go to town on the Dart, the car I want to focus on anyway.

My question is, what is the car worth. Granted this is an A body site, but there is a lot of multi owners out here. First I will give a basic description, and then in the condition I want to sell it in. I am interested in value in the better condition, where next owner could put their finishing touches on the car.
Basics: 1970 Challenger, originally /6 car. Deputy model, with fixed rear windows. 440 -727 -8.75 with 3.55 open rear center, if memory serves. Manual steering, manual disc brakes. Option tag was lost :angry7: during a previous "restoration" attempt.

Here is the best description of the condition when it will be sold.
  • minimal rust repairs needed will be done, body will be straight, blocked, and painted in popular high impact color, TBD.
  • interior will have "refurbished" panels, cleaned, scrubbed, vinyl dyed to match, all presentable but not gold class quality.
  • New insulation, and carpet
  • dash is non-ralleye, but will have Autometer gauge in all spots.
  • Factory slapstick console and shifter.
  • Engine is later model, low compression 440, with purple shaft cam, Edelbrock intake, and headers. Engine will be torn down, regasketed, detailed to the extreme. I have a Magnaflow 3" mandrel stainless exhaust system sitting under it on the floor now, will be installed, blowing through dual tips out rear dual tip valance
  • Fuel system is fuel cell, stock location, under a sheet metal floor, with Aeroquip lines to mechanical fuel pump.
  • Brakes will be 4 wheel discs using kits.
To sum it up, what do you think the value would be on a 1970 Challenger, 440 / 727 / 3.55 rear gear, with straight body, fresh quality paint, 4 wheel disc brakes, resto interior, and detailed engine compartment, kick _ _ _ exhaust.

Hopefully you get the idea. My hope is to get this done, clear enough to clear up the CC debt, and have some left over to go to town on the Dart.

Sorry for the long read....I wanted to convey it accurately.
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