inner fender fit issues

Ok, I'm perplexed. I have 2 replacement inner fenders for my 64 barracuda. each has their own issues, neither is perfect. Inner fender "A" had slight damage @ the top, and major surface rust, that, after blasting, left the bottom, where it welds to the upper part of the frame rail rather thin. There are a couple of other area that are on the thinner side.

Inner fender "B" has a few minor issues, much better condition than "A", but the hole for the shock access is dinged up and, while I've straightened it as much as possible(body hammers and dollies), it doesn't look perfect.

The main issue I am having is neither seems to fit worth a crap. A fits much better than B. in trying to get everything square, something wasn't adding up, so it seemed.

I was cross measuring from the firewall corner to the opposite side rad support corner.

well, there are alignment holes at the tops of the inner fenders where it meets the tab on the firewall and the rad support. I measured these, and on "A", it is about 1/2 inch shorter, center of alignment hole to center of othe alignment hole, than it is on "B". A also seems to be about 3/8 of an inch shorter in overall length than "B", also.

Also, "B", where the welds were drilled out for the upper shock mount welds, barely even is over the uppermost edge of he shock mount. The third hole(center) will not be welded on anything, at this point. A has the back and front holes at least flush on the shock mount, and the third(middle) is just off the edge of the mount.

LAstly, when "B" is mocked up, it barely, if at all, covers the inner frame rail area just below the UCA mounts...."A" fits fair in that spot!

This size differential, did someone send me the wrong inner fender? it isn't that much different, but just enuf to thro things out of whack.



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