Im the luckiest sob….

I just took apart my KH 4 piston sbp calipers. Didnt really even inspect em,just chucked em in a bucket of diesel because I assumed they'd be stuck. Tonight I pulled 1/2 a caliper out and brought it the shop. Looked at pistons.Oh my ,thier shiny Im thinkin. Applied compressed air and had to duck as the 5000 grain bullet flew across the shop!. STAINLESS PISTONS! The baloon seals and o rings look great as well.

Someone must have installed a kit at one point because those calipers have been sitting for close to 12 years under my bench and they came out like butter.

So now Im liking the idea of staying with these brakes. But how can I convert them to BBP? Can I put a different hub on? Or just plug weld and drill for BBP?
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