I’m having a short circuit & dart broke too!

Hi guys! 1967 Dodge Dart 270, 273 auto..............
We were replacing water pump, radiator core, carb new EB1604.
Power was inadvertantly applied by pos cable hooked to bat when alt & horn circut were disconected.& spark plug wires disconected. Headlight switched pulled, nothing.
When we remembered the alt was still disconected (DUH) we pulled pos leed off. Replaced fusable link (30) with 20 all we had, drove for 1 mile died. Went and got 30 fuse and installed. Will crank, won't start. Towed home. Pulled #1 plug, hooked up remote start switch and had ABodyBetty turn key on and I cranked. No spark.
Did we blow the coil when power was applied with alt disconected? Sombody please advise!](*,)
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