ignition problems

hey I am doing a GM module/mopar ignition conversion on my 68 dart swap from points, here is the problem, no fire, but if i remove the dist and turn it by hand it will light up my timming light.

here are my parts
rebuilt electronic Dist (advance auto)
MSD blaster 2 coil
new blue streak cap/roter
new wires
heres how it is hooked up
GM moduleNAPA tp 45 module
C=Neg side of the coil
B=pos side, and batt source Im getting 12.65 Volts ( batt volts)at this conection
W= pos lead of pick up coil
G= neg lead of pick up coil ( i even swaped these two wires)
the ballast is bypassed to get 12v at the coil

here are some things i have done

I have tried switching the pickup wires.

I have tried switching modules

the module is grounded,

even swaped the msd coil

I am getting 12.65 V to the module on the B term, but even on the Neg side of the coil i get that reading as well??
I even swaped coils

I HAVE unhooked everthing and tried it again and again, I looked at two diagrams and they are the same,

I just cant seem to figure out why it will light up the timming light with the dist out of the car and hooked up. But will NOT light it up down in the car, oh the dist is turning in the engine..

anyone have any ideas?

I know its a GM module but it tucks up nicely under the dist.
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