Ignition Problems

I have been working to restore my son's 1974 Dart Swinger while he is on temporary duty assignment with the Air Force. I have removed the front fenders, hood and grill to finish some body work and to repair holes around the window, but since I have removed the fenders, I have not been able to start the car.

I have checked and replaced both the coil and the ballast resistor, but not spark is coming from the coil. I have checked with a light test and power is going to the coils positive and negative terminals, yet I can get no power through the main coil wire to the distributor.

I was wondering if anyone of you out there have run into this in the past. I am wondering if with the fenders and grill removed, is it that I might not be making a good ground somewhere?

I was hoping to not to have to replace the hood and fenders right away as I would like to paint the car and it would be easier with these removed, but I need to start the engine and move the car from the barn so I can complete some work on it.

Any Ideas?
Author: admin