I wish I could afford this

I have always loved the ss darts and this one is a 4sd to boot! If only I had the money.
One of these ran the first power tour and was very fast and very reliable.


1968 Dodge Dart, Restored to the “as delivered look” as they came straight from Hurst Industries in April 1968. Completely Restored, Turn-Key, Titled, Licensed HEMI Dart Clone This is one of the most correctly restored examples of a Hemi Dart in existence, right down to the correct as-delivered "primer" with overspray (actually a correct looking paint mixture). I started with a rust free, straight California body and stripped it down to the bare unibody. The car was media blasted and then modified to match an original Hemi Dart. Great effort and time was spent re-creating all the special "tricks" done to these cars, such as: • The original quarter panel wheel well openings and outer wheel houses were cut and reworked using a template I made off an original Hemi Dart. • The right inner fender has also been modified just like Hurst for the needed valve cover clearance. • Correct Hemi A-Body K-frame with steel motor mounts and poly lock insulators. • All the factory seam sealer, sound deadening and undercoating was removed • Correct delete plates that were copied from an original Hemi Dart. • The door glass has the correct seat belt straps for raising and lowering the windows. • The rear windows are fixed in the up position. • There is also a very nice mirror delete plate along with a blower motor delete plate. • Correct new Legendary door panels with the correct 270 emblems, and rear panels with no window crank holes. • New carpet, headliner and package shelf without speaker holes. • A nice set of A 100 seats mounted to a pair Kramers reproduction seat brackets. • Correct Aluminum Master Cylinder Offset Plate • Correct flexible brake lines • The brake rod was lengthened and milled for the proper brake pedal height. • Correct Original Torque Boxes were added • Correct fiberglass hood and fenders • • The car has been set up like the original 4 speed cars with a Hurst shifter and the correct reverse lock out. A date code 1968 B-Body 9 ¾” Dana 60 rear end with the correct 4.88 gears. Disc front and Drum rear brakes as the originals were. • • The engine is a date code (10/66) correct original 426 Hemi with • Original Magnesium intake. • The block has never been damaged in any way. • Bored .30 over and has new 10.5 compression pistons so it will run good on pump gas. • The cam is a standard reproduction 1968 solid lifter stick shift cam. • Correct Holley Carbs, Plates, Linkage, Fuel Lines. • Dual Point Distributor. • The heads are nice unported originals with all new valves, springs and retainers. • The headers are from Headman and are 2 1/8 pipes into a 4" collector. • The exhaust is like the original cars which had straight pipes going into a set of glass pack style mufflers and a set of turn downs just before the rear axle. • The engine is built like it was from Hurst approximately 525 HP. • • The tires are new period correct Hurst super cushions on the front and a set of Mickey Thompson pie crust cheater slicks on the rear. The electrical components are all new and in working order. The radiator is a correct looking fresh triple core and the car runs at 180 degrees. All the lights, turn signals and the horn work. I even went through the trouble of reproducing the windshield "HOT" sheet, shipping warning label and sales bank tags. I have owned many real Super Stock Darts and Cudas and a couple real A990 cars. • • I build these cars and offer them in many stages from rollers or turn key stockers like this one, or full blown Drag cars. Contact Dan @ (651) 274-1091 9AM to 11PM CST. • Free Enclosed Shipping to the Lower 48 States

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